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Posted: Sunday 22nd March 2020
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COVID-19 UPDATE – A message from our conductor, Jeremy Backhouse

Like most organisations in these unprecedented times, Vasari Singers has had to look into its heart and soul to take unpalatable yet inevitable decisions about its upcoming activities.

Of course, 2020 is the choir’s 40th Anniversary and many hours of planning have gone into creating an exciting package of events befitting the occasion. We were very proud of what we had put in place for the year, which we felt reflected all the manifold aspects of our singing life together. It now seems, for the time-being at least, that our much-anticipated celebrations will have to be put on hold, whilst we focus on keeping ourselves and each other healthy and happy, remotely.

So, rehearsals have ceased, at least until September. Our Come and Sing has been postponed and services in Southwell Minster and Westminster Abbey cancelled (but we hope to be able to re-book). We are going to re-schedule our big multi-part Gala Concert, and the Come and Conduct event will probably be postponed. On a positive note, the edits of our new CD ‘Heaven Full of Stars’ are sounding stupendous!

In the meantime, the Vasari family will do all it can lovingly to look after its individual members, ensuring they are not feeling isolated or cut off from their weekly fix of singing, socialising and Swiss Roll! We are hoping to have a weekly online glass of wine (or something stronger/weaker!), through the power of today’s technology; we might even get to sing something simple together from the safety of our own homes.

Most importantly, in such times, we need to keep in touch, keep healthy and keep an eye out for those who may be in a less favourable position than ourselves, whether it is within the Vasari family or without. !

Take good care of yourselves and hopefully see you in the Autumn.

With love,